Sammy - 10years old

5 year progress from start with Monika Dorosheff

“My daughter started working with Monika since age 5. She was working on Go Tell Aunt Rhody when she joined the Oak Hill Strings Studio. She is now an 11 year old who is working on a vast repertoire that includes Mendelssohn concerto, Bach Partitas, and Paganini caprices. Over the last 6 years, we have witnessed Monika and Mark’s passion and dedication that helped nurture their students to move beyond their natural abilities. They are keenly aware of each child's individual learning style thus allowing them to tailor their lesson and group plans to achieve a more impactful result with each lesson. The children are challenged to go beyond their "comfort zone" in a safe and nurturing environment. They are patient and loving, but yet firm and clear in their instruction.

We appreciate the opportunity to study with two wonderfully accomplished musicians under one roof. My daughter has benefited from learning from two teachers with different teaching styles. Monika and Mark coordinates their lessons to provide the students (at different stages of development) a fresh perspective when necessary. This has helped my daughter to not only focus on solid technique, but also hone in her performance skills. They also encourage the students to perform in front of audiences and coordinate various performance opportunities outside of the studio, whether it is at the Reston CenterStage or in a real recording studio. My daughter has gained so much insight into the difference between a live performance and a recording session. After all, to be a true musician is to capture the attention and imagination of your audiences and not just to win competitions :).

We think the secret to Monika and Mark's teaching success is that first and foremost, they are wonderful parents who understand the importance of balancing nurture with the limits of natural ability. They understand wholeheartedly that successful musical education is inseparable from the education of a well-rounded and respectful youngster. They appreciate that the student's priorities shifts and changes as they grow, but the love for music doesn't have to suffer. Learning is a life long journey and not a race. Their patience in helping guide the students on this journey is critical to the musical success of each student.” ~C. Lu